Financial Forecasting and Business Modeling

Product producing organizations have a good understanding of their business model.  Their decisions are directly tied to the products that are developed and then sold into the market.  Can the same statement be made for many service oriented organizations?  Service oriented organizations (including public and non-profit organizations) can improve their financial decision making by developing and understanding a financial view of their ‘business model’.  We help our clients set clearer objectives and make better business decisions by linking the factors that influence the creation and consumption of financial resources to the mission metrics.

Valerisys helps organizations build better financial forecastsLikewise, non-revenue producing organizations can can improve decision making by modeling operating budgets in the form of a business model.   Many operating budgets are nothing more than a detailed spending plan.  Spending plans are an ineffective means to plan, articulate, defend and execute a budget.  We help our clients utilize their own accounting and financial data to drive the development of effective business financial forecast models that improve the dialog of budgeting decisions.

  • P&L Forecasts and Models
  • Cash flow forecasts and models
  • Cash burn forecasts and models
  • Budget forecasts and models
  • Customized financial decision support models
  • Staffing forecasts and models
  • Indirect cost forecasts and models