Capital Investment Support

We can help forecast and assess capital resource requirements for client organizations that lack mature systems, processes, experience or resources. We also help clients who seek to implement more disciplined processes for capital project budgeting and decision making.

Valerisys helps clients model capital investment forecasts for better decision making

  • Requirements analysis and definition
  • Program/project budget models
  • Project life cycle budget models
  • Vendor bid assessment and review
  • Analysis of alternatives

We focus on the data, structures, analyses, models, and dialog that underlie the system used for making capital investment decisions. Capital investments come in many forms. Some investments are well defined, off the shelf solutions, such as new machinery, a new vehicle fleet, or a new warehouse building. However, other capital investments are large projects that are not well defined, are labor intensive, and may involve some level of customization or development. That’s when risk to both buyer and seller can increase substantially.

Some organizations are not capital intensive operations and have only an occasional need for planning and approving projects with large capital investments, such as the purchase and installation of a new information system. These organizations may already possess functional in-house expertise, but may lack a mature decision making process. They are not sure that their accountant can provide the right kind of analytical expertise and they know that vendors bidding on the investment might not offer the best unbiased advice.
Valerisys can provide the needed analytical expertise to improve your chances of investment success. Our project financial resources forecasting and modeling services are well suited for clients with limited procurement decision making expertise or an infrequent need for planning and budgeting these large projects.