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Expert Decision Support Services

Valerisys - A Smart Move For Decision Support

Valerisys - A Smart Move For Decision Support

Valerisys Consulting provides expert decision support services.  We leverage our client’s in-house data to analyze, design, build, and execute forecasting and pricing models that provide actionable views of financial impacts of decisions.  Our decision support services include:

  • Capital Investment Analysis
  • Budget development and forecasting
  • Financial Forecasting and Business Modeling
  • Proposal Development and Pricing Support
  • Independent Assessments and Reviews
  • Consulting
  • Training

“It’s not all about ‘the number’.  It’s also about the quality of the dialog of issues surrounding the number that improves decision making”  – Mike Gallo

We focus on decision support services that produce quality forecasts AND improve the decision making dialog.  The quality of the decision depends on the quality of the dialog.  The quality of the decision making dialog improves when participants can:

  • Ask better questions – “How much do we really know?”
  • Get answers faster – “What-if?”
  • Understand alternatives more clearly – ‘Is it feasible?’
  • Explore a wider array of alternatives sooner – ‘Is there another way?’
  • Probe assumptions more thoroughly – ‘How sensitive is our decision to assumptions?’
  • Uncover and explore consequences more completely – ‘What could go wrong?’

We are the ideal consultant for CEOs, treasurer/CFOs, executive directors, and executive program managers makers who are seeking

  • hands-on analysis, modeling, pricing, or assessment support
  • cost effective modeling solutions without unnecessary investment in new information technology
  • process improvement in forecast capability
  • rapid understanding of financial impacts when decision alternatives change
  • unbiased, non-advocate assessments of capital investment, budgeting, and pricing decisions
  • accurate and credible forecasts
  • better proposal pricing capability that increases BOTH win probability and contract executability

Contact us for a free consultation.  Let Valerisys facilitate a data driven dialog for better decision support!